Davyn Arscott
Online Student, Vancouver, BC

I think it’s time I give Mr Paul Potier a well deserved testimonial. I came to Paul about 2 years ago wanting to take my game to the next level. I jumped in and committed to 40 hours of coaching. My best result in a tournament at that time was 17th in the lower division, which was 4 years prior. I never won more than a couple matches in a tournament and was very frustrated. Over the years I had developed some bad habits that kept producing below average results and it was in my head every tournament. Paul was able to identify these habits immediately and helped me recognize them simply as rehearsed habits, nothing more, nothing less. This was refreshing to hear as I definitely had built some emotional stress & frustration around the result of these habits. Paul then began helping me with building a proper structured shot process and continued to stress the importance of not missing any of the steps. If I miss a step, I miss the shot, or the shape or the more successful path. Every time I got out of shape or missed Paul would bring it back to trying to take a short cut in my process and not giving the shot the attention it deserves. This lesson repeated over and over and over again while I was building this new, more disciplined process. I am now able to really recognize when I am about to miss a step and have the tools and habits to step back, rethink and restart through the more successful process. Has it worked? Since I have been working with Paul my results have drastically improved. I continuously finish in the top 10%, have moved up a division and will move up again next year. I have a 1st place finish in a singles tournament, a 2nd place finish, 3 x 3rd place finishes, and many team 1st place and 2nd place finishes… and while learning my new process, I have beaten many well known players I had no business beating. Paul has given me a solid foundation to begin building from, which I didn’t have before. If you love the game and want to learn how to win, then Paul can teach you. Thank you Paul Potier. You took my struggling, frustrating and emotionally draining game and helped me turn it into something I look forward to every tournament

My name is Joseph William Hermosa, Vancouver, BC

I’ve been playing pool steadily (my second go at it after a 20 year hiatus) for about 4 years. Prior to meeting Paul my progress had been incredibly slow and erratic at best. Since meeting Paul, I’ve arrived at a place where I feel incredibly well. My stance and stroke just make sense. I get down and take aim. It feels right. I feather a few times, aim confirmed, accelerating stroke & delivery, ball potted! However, as a very happy and content student I should make clear my journey and possibly yours. At first the instruction and direction felt very “wrong” and “unnatural”. I would work for hours on my stance, and of course my stroke, and grip, thinking “this doesn’t make sense”! I was about to cash in Paul’s money back offer. However, before doing so, I asked myself, “am being the best student I can be”? I thought to myself, “Paul and his accomplishments would be a very tough act to follow. Who else better qualified could instruct me? For such a reasonable price, flexible schedule?” No one, I couldn’t think of anyone who could or would fit the bill! So, I then decided to be the best student possible. Put away any feeling of failure. I just thought to myself, “be the best student you can be, absorb, do, don’t’ question. Don’t listen to the local “pros” (and I use that term lightly) in the pool room telling me to do it my natural way. Ignore them when they ask, “why are you spending so much time on your stance and stroke? Just shoot it your natural way.” I think those are some of the biggest undiscussed obstacles! Only after looking at myself, critiquing if you will, and fully committing to doing, understanding, persevering and enjoying the learning journey did I arrive at the place that I’m at now. I know and realize I have a way to go, but I know I wouldn’t have made it this far without the proper and professional instruction given to me by Paul Potier!

Thanks Paul! Thanks for being a great instructor, coach and friend!


Ojani Green
Winnipeg, Canada

May 19, 2016 Just finished a four hour training session and an hour in without touching a ball, I had got my money’s worth. Thanks for awakening the side of pool only the top few can touch on.
Looking forward to the future and with your knowledge I know there is no limit.
May 22, 2016 For the first time ever in all the years I’ve played pool I have never been so focused and confident. I was in a money match and down 5-1 and most of the time I would quit and have negative self talk but I went back to our coaching session and used the mental and mechanical tools you gave me and came back to win the match. Thanks Paul


Mike Massey,
18 time World Trick Shot Champion

To anyone who is considering hiring Paul Potier as their coach. My name is Mike Massey. Paul has been my good friend for over 30 years. In that time I have seen him develop himself into a top professional pool player and I have been there to watch some of his great accomplishments first hand.  I have also watched him help others to reach their goals of playing well, and some even becoming professional players themselves. Paul and I were partners with Allison Fisher and Gerda Hofstatter for 11 years in a very successful pool school venture called Pool School in Paradise. I can honestly tell you that I believe that Paul is one of the billiard world’s best instructors and coaches. I can attest to the fact that he generally cares for every student he teaches. He is very organized and has a great talent for analyzing players. Paul is quite unique as he is actually a champion himself, so he can truly help someone through the process of becoming a champion. I suggest that anyone who has a passion to improve their game should work with Paul in his new online coaching program.


John Chaplin
Coos Bay, Oregon

After almost 40 years of playing pool I had the desire to see if I could change my game for the better while I still had enough youth left. My level of play had been about the same for 30 years. Better than much of the local competition yet still plagued by inconsistency. Paul was recommended to me by a friend and I was skeptical. What could someone teach me in a short period of time that I hadn’t learned with all this experience? Boy was I wrong! He not only showed me what I was doing wrong but how to do it differently. And better yet he knows the difference! My friends back home laughed at me for “wasting my money”. I haven’t heard anyone laughing lately though as I have been the top player in our area now for the last three years. It’s not only about knowing you need help with your game but knowing who to get that help from. It’s a hard decision when you have to travel and spend money but Paul’s online program has overcome this obstacle. Using today’s technology, you can now get the same level of coaching at a fraction of the overall cost, no matter where you live. If you love pool and are tired of being in a rut that you can’t even identify, Paul can help you. I’m sure of it!


Richard Wear,
Edmonton, Alberta

Are you serious about improving your pool game? Yes, you can read books and tips, however there is nothing better than one on one instruction from a former champion and playing professional such as Paul Potier. He loves to see his students progress, and his feedback is invaluable. His communication is precise and clear. My game and knowledge has risen to a very high level in only 4 months and so can yours. Why not call him? You won’t be disappointed!



Gerry Proulx
Edmonton, Alberta

Paul, thanks for the coaching! Your methods and techniques really work! My fundamentals are much stronger and my understanding of the game is better than its ever been. I am comfortable competing at a much higher level and enjoying the game more than I ever have. I am taking pleasure in the mechanics of the shot and the planned placement of the white ball. Pocketing the object ball has become a byproduct of applying the methods you teach. I’m looking forward to  my next coaching session with you!

Jenny Lucas
Edmonton Alberta

It’s been about 3 years that Paul Potier has been my coach. My game continues to improve! At CCS Westerns our Women’s Advanced Team achieved a first place finish. Paul continuously reviews my current abilities and revises his approach and content to meet my specific needs. This gives me the most value for our time together. I look forward to another season of pool and the new successes that will come with another year of working with Paul.