Total Offense 8 Ball

This is a practice routine that is also a test. You will play 15 games of Total Offence 8 Ball by yourself.

Keep score of how many innings it takes to finish the game by marking an inning in the respective frame every time you miss a shot.

After you mark an inning you will take ball in hand. If you make a ball on the break you must shoot the next shot from where the cue ball lies.

If you don’t make a ball on the break or scratch you mark and inning and get ball in hand. Also mark how many balls you made on the break, the quality of the break, and how many unforced errors you made. At the end of the routine divide your total innings by 15 to calculate how many innings you made per frame.

Also divide the total number of times you made a ball on the break by 15 to calculate what percentage you made a ball on the break.

You should start by marking in the date, time and location of the exercise. During and after the exercise write down any notes that will help you find out why you made the errors or why you played so well.

Click on this link for the Drill marking sheet:

Total Offence 8 Ball